Markee Ledge



Extensive Hardware Collection




Expertise in Vocal Production and Songwriting. Work with world renowned songwriting and production team behind Kosheen and many other projects including Dara Rollins (cz), Alys Be, Susie Ledge. Take your song ideas to the next level of writing and production.

Portrait of young woman recording a song in a professional studio


High-end cutting edge Production Techniques. Latest Plugins and Knowledge in Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase etc.


Excellent Mastering Suite combining the best of Analogue and Digital.

Mastering is the final stage before the sonic enhancement and processing of any audio track. With techniques such as EQ, multiband compression and limiting, the audio is made louder. Once your audio is optimized for loudness it will be prepared and finalized as your master. This master will be the source from which all further copies are produced via methods such as DMM vinyl press, duplication or distribution either physically or digitally. Note: Our mastering services are online only.



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