Markee Ledge


Kosheen’s Markee Ledge Interview

Markee Ledge on why he’s reviving the Kosheen name When it comes to understated OG comeback tunes of the year, Kosheen’s Noble is going to take some beating. A deep, smouldering technoid breakbeat instrumental, restrained and stripped back – it’s not quite what you’d expect an international act to break[…]

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Concentrate Preview

Markee will exclusively preview some tracks from the forthcoming ‘Concentrate’ on 1st June 2017, so be ready for this preview! 7-8pm (uk time) The preview has now ended. Hope you enjoyed!

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John Albiston, Photographer, Interview.

Introducing John Albiston. The man behind the images and artwork of Markee’s recent and forthcoming releases. Hi John ML: Firstly can you tell us a little bit about yourself? When did you start your interest in photography? was there any particular moment or image that sparked your interest? JOHN: 16 APRIL 12:25[…]

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Markee Ledge ‘Concentrate’ Coming Soon…..

Markee Ledge Announces his next release ‘Concentrate’, promising serious concentrate of beats and music in Markee’s unique and cutting edge stylings. Following on from the highly acclaimed ‘Elevate’, ‘Concentrate’ promises some more deep club tracks and vocal collaborations, across UK Bass and Deep Dubstep. Quality underground music you’d expect from[…]

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