Feel Alive

About album


2022 sees Markee Ledge return to the vocal drum & bass world with Feel Alive. Featuring his vibe of Kosheen on the first track, it’s a taste of his latest album The Laws of Emotion, which is due to be released at the end of this year.

‘Feel Alive’ is a spellbinding number. Keyboard notes hit the speaker like some raindrops on a window, and the track eventually transitions into a continuous percussion pattern play, which makes up the main rhythm. On top of this sits a longing vocal while the keyboard notes from earlier grow into extended riffs.

‘Heartbreak VIP’ is a soaring piece of vocal drum & bass. Opening with pad arrangements that whizz and whir around deN drum lines, a hearfelt vocal tells the tale of a relationship gone awry. The pads, rhythms and synth lines converge, creating a lush texture from beginning to end.