About album

Markee Ledge is a relatively new name, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have pedigree! Releasing tracks on classic labels such as Tempa, Artikal and Duploc, Markee has built a strong reputation a few short years. Previously Markee was 1/2 of Decoder and Substance and the founding member of Kosheen, huge names from the golden age of drum and Bass. Feeling the calling again Markee has written some fresh vocal drum and bass, reflecting his emotional soul , on display with Kosheen and now at home under his own name.

Heartache is a heartfelt plea of loss and hope wrapped up in a very catchy melody and rolling fresh drum and bass beats guaranteed to keep the heart and heads satisfied. Markee has returned to form here and upped the tempo to 174bpm. Alongside a devastating floor mix from Decoder and Substance to set the package off. We understand this is the first in a series of vocal drum and bass tracks where Markee Ledge finds his own voice.

These tracks can be played at festivals with his live show as well as in the clubs, both areas where Markee is comfortable and has invaluable experience and heritage.

The music is maturing as we all do, refreshed and renewed.

Markee Ledge – Heartache (Breakbeat Culture)