Established in the mid 90’s by Markee Ledge and the Ruffneck Ting crew, Breakbeat Culture Records became a mainstay of the Bristol Drum and Bass Scene, backed by the Record Store, run by Ruffneck Ting Crew, MC Jakes and DJ Dazee were working in the store providing the latest white labels from the crews own labels as well as from the main Drum and Bass distributors at that time, SRD and Vinyl distribution. ┬áThe label was hosts to some seminal music from Decoder and Substance, Distorted Minds, Fresh and Vegas and Launched the career of Kosheen. More recently Markee Ledge’s new Vocal Drum and Bass Tracks have found a home on Breakbeat Culture and it’s future looks assured.


Markee Ledge

Decoder & Substance


Fresh and Vegas